Angie Bernardi - School Board Experience

Education Advocacy

  • Missouri School Board Association certified board member trained, completed professional development and attended MSBA meetings and conferences.
  • MSBA Delegate Representing Kirkwood School District voting on all issues and platform MSBA regional and state meetings.
  • Legislative Advocacy Group Representative advocating for Education Issues at the local and state level
  • Kirkwood School Board District Legislative Representative

Technology Innovation & Curriculum

  • Kirkwood Board member for Kirkwood Technology Committee- Member of technology team to survey assess and select technology devices to support student learning as directed by the dedicated technology fund. New technology director interviewed, parents, teachers and students surveyed, devices selected and purchased in 2018.
  • Kirkwood Board member for Curriculum committee- Reviewed curriculum for grade school math, science, STEM and reading programs, Middle School Science, History, English and performing arts programs and High School Science, English History, language, food science, art and physical education programs. 2015-present

Strategic Planning

  • Kirkwood School District Strategic Planning board member representative. Attended focus groups with teachers, administrators and students to set the course for the new vision mission and strategic measurable objectives for the district. 2015-present.
  • Coordinated with independent demographer to provide KSD with independent enrollment study projections to more accurately plan resource needs and resources. 2015-presentKirkwood School Board member serving on Salary Committee during budget cuts 2016-present
  • Kirkwood School Board Communication Committee board member liaison 2015-present- Worked with a team to coordinate communications.


  • Equity and Opportunity gap Committee member- participated on the curriculum committee for diversity, investigated outside resources for equity training and acted as liaison for community consulting projects to close the opportunity gap. 2015-present
  • Kirkwood School District Board member invited to serve on the Discipline Policy Subcommittee to reduce the number of suspensions and detentions and develop a discipline philosophy including restorative justice to supplement School Board Policies. 2017-present
  • Kirkwood Every Child Promise- committee member serving to coordinate strategic planning assistance and coordination with area parochial preschools

Kirkwood Community Collaborations

  • Kirkwood School Board member coordinating collaborations with parochial schools including shared resources, professional development, tutoring and transitions to KHS.
  • Kirkwood School District Key Volunteer for KHS 2009-presen
  • Taylor Community consulting coordinator for Kirkwood School District projects.
  • KHS Production Company Board member 2009-present
  • Tech Food Coordinator Kirkwood High School Players Productions 2009-present