About Angie Bernardi

Our Family has been proud to call Kirkwood home for the past twenty- seven years. We were attracted here by the welcoming environment, the strong sense of community, and the proven excellence of the schools. Our three sons, Vincent, Edward, and Dominic have thrived, benefitting first hand from the outstanding teachers and the wide range of excellent programs offered in the School District. Vincent, KHS 2013, currently works as a researcher for Washington University Medical School, Edward KHS 2015 is studying Computer Science Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis and Dominic currently attends Kirkwood High School.

It has been an honor to serve Kirkwood as a member of the School Board since my election in 2015.  I have served as a Kirkwood School Board member on the Strategic Planning, Technology, Curriculum, Sustainability, Communications, and Salary committees. I am also is also a member of the Kirkwood Legislative Advocacy Committee for Education, the Equity Gap Task Force, and the Discipline Philosophy and Policy Committee.

I am the current Missouri School Board Association Delegate representing the Kirkwood School District voting for legislative action on state issues such as funding, assessment, and other statewide policies. This year I have worked to insure that our district has forward thinking leadership by interviewing and selecting administrators to lead our district.  

During the past three years I have served on both Strategic Planning and Communications Committees.  I have working closely with stakeholders to set the course for our new vision and mission and communicate goals and objectives for a sound fiscal future for Kirkwood School District through systematic strategic planning.

I have encouraged the district to support data driven decisions through surveys, studies and focus groups.  Our independent enrollment study will be updated this year to continue to provide the best estimates to support our financial planning. I have recruited resources in the community to support the district through collaborations with universities, similar districts and consulting groups.
Angie Kirkwood Family
Students are the focus of all our policies at Kirkwood School District. I have focused on those that support every student with equity, diversity and inclusion while considering students social and emotional needs. As a member of the Equity Gap Task Force.  I worked towards insuring curriculum diversity and creating a discipline philosophy to reduce suspensions and support implementation of restorative justice practices. I attended focus groups with teachers and administrators to discuss the plans for social-emotional supports for our students. Successful initiatives in this area included a team of Washington University Business Students presenting ideas to close the achievement gap at the high school and the formation of a discipline policy task force.

Over the past three years, as a member of the curriculum committee, I have shared my STEM background and business focus to review and recommend approval of curriculum. In addition to math, reading, science and history, we also reviewed curriculum for performing arts, music and physical education which are important for critical thinking, creativity and wellness.

An integral part of the strategic plan this year involved approving new technology as an appropriate tool for teaching and learning. As the board’s representative on the Technology Committee I listened to our teachers and students and provided information to the board to set the course for the new technology plan including device implementation and improved infrastructure to prepare our students for the future.

In the community, I have listened, engaged and built consensus while serving on executive committees, pastoral councils, school boards, parent associations, fundraising committees and advisory councils in the areas of education, youth ministry, performing arts, music, sports and scouts. I am grateful to the Kirkwood Community for their support of our School District.
Angie Bernardi volunteer
I earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have also earned 38 professional development credits from the Missouri School Board by attending conferences and training sessions regarding key educational issues. 

Early in my career I worked in manufacturing and research & development, earning two electrical product patents for Cooper Industries. But my love of the learning environment drew me to work for Washington University, where I helped to establish the College of Engineering’s program in cooperative education, coaching students and coordinating their employment with firms around the country. Later, as a consultant, I provided research and coordinated development of the strategic planning process for universities, schools, and small businesses.

The following eight years I worked in fundraising for the United Way's Education Division. In this role I visited more than 100 schools in approximately 20 different school districts. These experiences have allowed me to see a variety of learning settings, faculty, staff and facilities. It probably comes as no surprise to hear that our Kirkwood schools are among the best in the region.

An enduring strength of Kirkwood community that has impressed me time and again is the tremendous commitment of our parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders to the growth and development of our children. It has been my great pleasure to work alongside so many other passionate volunteers to build strong programs in science, athletics, community service, the performing arts, and the outdoors.

Our Kirkwood students represent the future of our community. Sustaining our community in all its facets for all its citizens depends on the continued health and vitality of the Kirkwood school system. That means hiring and retaining the very best teachers, considering the needs of every student, and continuing to facilitate the rigorous, innovative curriculum our young people need to thrive in the 21st century. Our Kirkwood students represent the future of our community. In these difficult economic times, accomplishing that goal means careful planning, wise stewardship, and the discipline to stretch your tax dollars to their most efficient use. I pledged to continue to draw upon my years of service to the Kirkwood School Board combined with my experience in business, in higher education, and in non-profit organization to continue to bring people together to work in a collaborative way on these fundamental challenges.

A proven track record of doing this with Cooper Industries, with Washington University, St. Peter Parish Council, United Way and in the Kirkwood Community has prepared me to continue to work toward building effective consensus on key issues as an experienced school board member.  There is still much more work to be done in this transition year to new leadership to continue make a difference for our children.  It would be an honor to continue to serve another term on your school board. Please cast a vote for me on April 3, 2018.